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The hottest quartet of teachers start the new season of "The Voice of Lithuania": no avoiding drama, teasing and the desire to beat each other


A powerful new season with Lietuvos hlasas. "Lietuvos hlasas", which started with the "Seniors" series and became the most watched project on television, starts its adult series cycle already this Sunday. The renewed quartet of teachers has been expanded with two new teachers - today's most popular pop singer Monique and one of the brightest and most charismatic singers and music composer Monika Liu, who has a vast international musical experience.


Thanks to the new teacher quartet, the season is already being hailed as the sexiest in history. And both girls agree that their relationship with Donatas Montvydas and Justinas Jarutis, who are both in the project for the first time, has taken on a flirtatious flavour from the very first moments of the project.


"The audience will see everything for themselves, but the energy that is between us is something like this. We all get along very well, the connection is unreal. Believe me, we're all going to have a lot of fun," smiles Monika Liu, the project's new teacher.


But Monique assures us that although all the teachers in the project are good friends, the competition for the best votes is not going away.


"As we will be electing the holder of the best vote, the fierce battles won't last long. But what we should expect is certainty. Tears, laughter, excitement, frustration and excitement. All of these things are absolutely integral to the new season. I would say that the teachers and I are a real Italian family. Justin and Donato have welcomed us ladies with support and advice. But... soon, we, the newcomers, will surprise the guys with our perseverance and they will have to get tough again. So, of course, there will be teasing, drama and the desire to beat each other. The best part is that when all the cameras are turned off, we go back to our room and hug each other, if not directly, at least with words of support. We are a real family," Monique shares her emotions ahead of the project's big premiere.  


And although the role of a teacher is still very new to Monique, she says that she managed to get used to the teacher's chair very quickly and the first time was not a problem for her.


"It was such a strange feeling. As soon as I sat down in the teacher's chair, when I felt the cameras turn on, when I heard the first chords of the song - it was so new, but at the same time so familiar and familiar. It seems that I have sat here, admired, commented and done everything many times before. I must have been very excited to watch the Voice of Lithuania as a little girl. I knew that this season was going to be special because of the colours that were reflected in the participants. It will not just be good, strong or interesting voices. It will be people - characters that are interesting to watch. There will be very ordinary but real people with deep experiences. What they have in common is that they have all overcome something in their lives to be in the auditions and convince us to turn around", says Monique.


The hottest quartet of teachers in history, the most colourful characters and the most beautiful voices in the country, who made teachers turn around, will take over the airwaves of LNK TV this Sunday at 19:30.