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The most coveted names in music in the chairs of the jubilee Voice of Lithuania

The 10th anniversary season of LNK TV's "Voice of Lithuania" promises to be a special one - not only because of the festive programme full of surprises and nostalgia, but also because of the exceptional teachers who will compete for the best votes of this season, and perhaps of the entire decade of the show. 



Next week, on 13 - 14 September, the filming of the Blind Auditions will start in the Voice Studio at Compensa Concert Hall. Four of the most sought-after names in music at the moment will take their seats here. Monica Liu, who has captivated Europe and is currently highly sought after by audiences, will be the only woman in the teachers' chairs this year. She will be competing against three charismatic men: Justinas Jarutis, currently considered one of the biggest music stars in Lithuania, the rocker Benas Aleksandravičius, who celebrated the tenth anniversary of his band ba with a powerful concert in Vingis Park, and Mantas Jankavičius, a singer and actor who has accumulated a unique experience of a stage artist and a very wide discography. 


"We are happy that the Voice of Lithuania has grown and changed over the last ten years without losing its relevance, and that the project's teachers' chairs remain a highly coveted object for many music stars. Although the choice is very wide, this year we followed the anniversary concept - we decided that the best people to sit in the teacher's chairs are those who will have already tried all the versions of the Voice, and there have been almost all of them in the ten seasons of the show: "Lietuvos hlasas. Children", "Voice of Lithuania. Seniors", "Lietuvos Hlas. Generations" and, of course, the main "Voice", for adults seeking a breakthrough in their music careers. The only regret is that there are only four chairs in the project format, but it's obvious that over the last ten years, the hearts of the Voice of Lithuania fans have been won over by more than one wonderful and talented teacher, so I apologise in advance to those who won't be able to see their superhero this year," says the Voice of Lithuania's chief producer Gediminas Jaunius of the ELITAZ Creative House.


A special feeling never fails



All teachers of the upcoming season, who have already tried the Voice of Lithuania, Voice of Lithuania. Children", "Lietuvos hlasas. Seniors" and "Lietuvos hlasas. Generations" chairs in the past, do not hide the feeling that this time will be special. "I'm really looking forward to the launch and something in my heart tells me that the season will be magical, that we will discover a new special talent (or even a few) who will become mega stars on the Lithuanian stage," admits Monika Liu. Mantas Jankavičius, who is already in a fighting mood, agrees. "This season will have an exceptional weight - it is the tenth anniversary of one of the most high-quality and important Lithuanian music shows. I am sure that the best talents will gather and I am determined to fight for them, I want to win together!" - Mantas is enthusiastic. 



According to the programme's host, Rolandas Mackevičius, it is important to appreciate that not only the format of the project, the teachers, but also the participants have changed over the last ten years. "There is a new generation coming up, which is amazing: original, bold, free - we have already seen this trend in the previous seasons, and I think it will now be in full effect. And let's not forget that these are people who grew up, matured with the dream of being here - ten years ago, when the project started, they were just kids."


"ba." want more

Benas Aleksandravičius "ba.", who debuted in the project last year, is the godfather of the alternative scene and youth. admits that he didn't hesitate to take part in the project this year. "I'm hooked, I've grown, as they say, a "TV scurvy", and I'm looking forward to the festive season", says Benas, who is also connected to the project by another coincidence: just like the Voice of Lithuania, the group "ba." "ba ba" has been on stage for ten years. "We have had a lot of festive concerts, a lot of emotions - I feel recharged, full of ideas and I'm looking forward to sharing all this with others. The team of teachers is "cool"!



A magical moment all over again

What is the new team of teachers most looking forward to? Justinas Jarutis says that it is an exciting moment when you wait for the magic moment when a new voice will touch you to the core. "The feeling is always the same 'wow', no matter how many times you have sat in the teacher's chair," says Justinas, and he is intrigued that after such a productive year, he really does have something to say again, not only as a performer, but also as a teacher and as a person. "I feel like I've concentrated", Justinas admits. 


Intriguing news of the season

The creators of LNK's "Voice of Lithuania" reveal that the new season has some intriguing news for the audience, while teachers will face more than one challenge. Already from the blind auditions there will be changes. This year, teachers will have unlimited choice of the voices they like for their teams, but only the most deserving will be able to qualify for the musical duels. Who the teachers will ultimately choose will be revealed during the blind auditions at the grand finale.

However, the biggest intrigue of the season will come at the end of the project. For the first time in ten years, the final of the jubilee Voice of Lithuania will take place in Kaunas, at Žalgiris Arena. This year, 10 finalists will compete in the final. This year, it will be revealed which members of the teacher teams will reach the final in a new stage never seen before in Lithuania. 

"Crossfire" is the name of the season's big intrigue. These are innovative semi-finals, where teachers will compete in a chess tournament for a place in the grand final. In the "Cross Battles", teachers will challenge each other to a musical battle by sending a member of their team. Their victory will be decided by 100 selected audience members, who will decide which teacher's representative wins the duel and who is worthy to be entrusted with the honour of performing in the jubilee final, which will take place on 30 April 2023 at Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas, Lithuania," says producer Gediminas Jaunius. 



The jubilee premiere of the tenth season of "The Voice of Lithuania" will be broadcast to LNK viewers in 2023. "The Voice of Lithuania blind auditions will be filmed next week, 13-14 September, at the Compensa Concert Hall.