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This Sunday, the baptism daughter of President Gitanas Nauseda will try her hand at "The Voice of Lithuania": "this year is the year of Nausads"


This Sunday, on LNK television, the "blind auditions" programme of the most watched television project "The Voice of Lithuania" will bring not only the whole Lithuania, but also His Excellency Gitanas Nausėda, the President of the Republic of Lithuania, to the screens. Gabrielė Nausėdaitė, the President's goddaughter, will try to turn the teachers' chairs around with her voice on stage.


The striking-looking participant admits that she is often asked if she is related to the President because of her surname, but only talks about it if someone asks. Gabriele's dad and the President are cousins, but she does not like to brag about her surname or her relationship.


"Nothing changed in my life when Gitan was elected President. I continue on my path. Before that, I thought about whether to tell anyone at all. But I think there is no need to lie. If they ask, I tell them. After all, the whole family will be watching this project, everyone will see it, you can't hide anything," says Gabrielle.


When asked if she has a close relationship with her godfather, Gabrielle smiles and says nothing but nice things about the President.


"It's very interesting with him. My godfather likes to talk to young people, he is always interested in our activities and is very fun to talk to, and I often get advice from him," says Gabrielle.


However, the participant's own family is definitely not talking about politics. On the contrary, Gabriele's parents are artists and her home has been filled with music since she was a little girl. However, when she finished school and it was time to decide what to do next, Gabrielle chose a path other than music.  


"I was born into a family of musicians. My dad plays the trumpet and my mum teaches her children to sing, so music is never silent in our house. But I myself graduated from Klaipėda University with a degree in the Academy of Arts, sports dancing. I used to be at the crossroads between singing and dancing, but I decided to choose dancing and I am glad I graduated from this speciality", says Gabrielė, who will showcase her dancing talent on this Sunday's show.


Gabrielė comes to the project to test herself and, as she says, to have a good time. She openly admits that she has always watched The Voice of Lithuania with envy, until she finally decided that it was time to show what she can do.


"Some people say I don't look confident, but when I get on stage, I'm a completely different person. Now I want to hear not only from people around me, but also from real music professionals. That's why I came to the project. I want to try myself in a new role and express myself in a different way. After all, my family and I are laughing, because this is the year of Nausada", says Gabrielė.


What talents the baptismal daughter of the President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nausėda hides and whether she will manage to turn at least one teacher's chair with her voice - will be shown this Sunday, 19:30 on LNK.