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KaYra presents her newest track "Alligator" with which she will be aiming to win the Eurovision Song Contest


One of the most prominent actress-performers in Lithuania, who until recently presented herself with an unusual stage name and started a new, colourful musical phase, KaYra today presents her second original track "Alligator" and announces her participation in this year's Eurovision selection.


KaYra's new work opens the door to the life of an artist, revealing how many different masks such a person's life has. And although the song and its video are very colourful, KaYra herself reveals that there is a deeper and less entertaining message hidden in this song.


 "For a long time I wanted to write a song about the life of a performer, about effort and the role of a marionette. I hope that the listener will feel the irony of the song and the video, and for three minutes get into my shoes - what it means to create different characters on stage, to give yourself to the audience and to be whatever they want, and to feel the emptiness when you get off the stage. Even though the song sounds fun and light, it hides a not-so-fun message, and I just love that contrast. Marius Leskauskas helped me to write the song and the music, and the lyrics are my stream of thoughts about how difficult it is both on stage and in life to be yourself and to love yourself as you are, without any characters and masks," says the singer.


KaYra is open about the fact that her new song is a reflection of her own real life. She admits that she often struggles with her inner demons, trying to love herself as she is.


"I think that everybody is going through this state in one way or another, they just don't talk about it out loud. I tried to look at it from a slightly more fun, ironic angle and infect everyone with such a mood that you want to grab a hairbrush and jump on the bed, fool around and let yourself be completely crazy, in a good way. I do that myself when I rehearse this song, it helps me to remember who I really am, not to hide behind a character and not to run away from myself," says KaYra.


The idea that many people can identify the words of the new song with their own lives has pushed them to take a bigger step - to enter this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The singer strongly believes in her song and thinks that it can bring success not only to her, but also to the whole of Lithuania.


 "I believe that this song can be adapted by anyone, regardless of nationality, gender or anything else. I'm going to say out loud what a lot of people often don't say: 'Hey, I'm tired of hiding under a mask, I'm tired.'" This may not be news, but I think my team and I are doing it in a rather original way. In my video, I created seven completely different characters, I goofed around and let my inner beast out for a walk. I think he will also visit the stage during the show," she says.


"Alligator" is KaYra's second original work and the second music video. The very striking image has already become the artist's calling card, and she does not intend to give it up on the Eurovision stage either.


"Stage images are my inspiration, I like to experiment. It's very good when an image helps you to empathise, helps you to live what you are doing. I like strange shapes, bright colours, I don't want to be sexy or beautiful on stage, I want to feel good, interesting and original. I want to be a gladiator, a puppet, a joker, whatever. I want to be an alligator", KaYra concludes.


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