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Ščiogolevaitė on her duet with Verka Serdučka: a joker can tell the truth and no one will be angry with him


Rūta Ščiogolevaitė will be seen in an unprecedented role in the programme "Dream Duets" - the performer will go back to the 2007 Eurovision performance "Laša tumbai" and will perform her dream duet together with Verka Serdučka. The singer says that the moody song is an unexpected opportunity for her to be herself on TV. 

"I surprised myself, because I took the decision very spontaneously," says R. Ščiogolevaitė about the duet. - What I wanted most was, I think, the lack of fun in general, in life and on stage, perhaps of that little artistic adventurism that lives in me. There are very few opportunities for that - to be myself in a sphere in which I feel very good."



According to the singer, Verka Serdučka does not only entertain the audience by singing "Laša tumbai": "The way he tells the truth fascinates me. It's a form of play with a good dose of humour, but there's a lot of meaning there." Ščiogolevaitė herself emphasises that she also chose the song to send a message of support to Ukraine.



According to R. Ščiogolevaitė, the lively performance on Saturday will reflect her own life: "I put a lot of things in my life through a humour filter. It's part of me - I appreciate humour in others too. It's one of my strongest weapons and a very important medicine, so it's probably suitable for all areas of life."

The viewers of the fifth edition of the music project will see four more clips of Lithuanian performers on air. At the beginning of the show, Džiugas Širvys, lead singer of the rock band "Jauti", will go into a melodic Lithuanian pop hit and tell the story of his first love, which was never answered.


Steponas Januška will invite everyone to listen to the artist who inspired his musical path, while Evelina Sašenko will take everyone back to the 1960s with a well-known romantic melody. With the beautiful music of Evelyn Sšenko, the young singer will take the audience to France and talk about the happiness of life that came with the birth of her daughter. Alen Chicco will close the evening with a dramatic piece and remind us of one of the most famous films in the history of world cinema.


Life stories of the "Dream Duets" - this Saturday, 9 pm, on LRT TELEVISION and on the portal LRT.lt.