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Stan's journey into the past: the success of the Dolphins was exaggerated


Composer and performer Stanislav Stavitsky-Stano says it is important to be "realistic" - to laugh at yourself sometimes and not be afraid to make mistakes. On Saturday, he will go to what he calls his "greatest shame", the Dolphins' performance at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, and perform "Everything will be OK" with his younger self, more than 20 years his junior. 

"The best thing I can do is to get the word out and laugh about it with everybody," he says about the choice of duo. "I couldn't sing well with my voice, and I was also without a voice and with a temperature. And it was such a shame when I got off the stage. I think why did I even go to this audition in the first place."

Stano says that you have to be realistic about yourself and your abilities, which is why he calls himself a songwriter rather than a performer. "At the time when we were on the stage (LRT.lt note), the success was, in my opinion, exaggerated, undeserved. And you can hear in the recording that we went on stage and everyone was screaming. Because we were the most loved girl band in Lithuania at that time."

"Thank God I avoided alcohol and drugs. I managed because my father had a problem with it and I knew I didn't want to do that", says Stano about how he reacted to the attention he received. "My main solution has always been books. I used to read a lot and look for the answer there - in books and literature."



On Saturday, Dream Duets will also feature four more music videos and heartfelt stories from the participants of the music show. Songwriter and performer Donata Virbilaitė will focus on a song by a Lithuanian singer that inspired her not to give up in her fight against depression and panic attacks. The airwaves will also feature three foreign artists, Rūta Loop, Liepa Lee and Jurgis Brūzga.



The third episode of the musical talk show "Dream Duets" will be broadcast on LRT TELEVISION and on LRT.lt portal this Saturday at 9 pm.