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Hosts on the new season of Voice of Lithuania: "All participants TOP"


On 3 January, the renewed eighth season of the Voice of Lithuania will start on LNK TV, which the producers of the project are already describing as particularly unexpected. Colourful participants, former members of well-known bands, shocking stories of their lives and performances that made even the teachers of the project, who had heard everything, laugh in their chairs.


KaYra, the actress and singer who made a name for herself earlier in the project, will also appear in a new role in season 8 as a reporter for the new season. In the middle of the filming, KaYra got to know the project participants better, who, according to her, are going to be particularly surprising this season.


"The further I go, the more I see the very strong personalities of the participants emerge. It's a fact that they're all very strong vocally, but the most interesting thing is when you start to see how different their characters are: from the oddball artists to the complete divas of the stage. And they all come with their own stories, some of them laughing to tears and others even shocking - it was hard to believe when the participants talked about their life events as if they were taking place in a suspenseful action movie or even a drama", says KaYra, the new reporter of the project.


The uniqueness of the contestants in the eighth season is also the subject of the show's host Rolandas Mackevičius, who was surprised not only by the new, but also by the long-seen faces that appeared on the voice stage.


"Recently, a lot of talented people from all over the world have returned to Lithuania: from Spain, London, Denmark, even Dubai. There are some who have participated in the first seasons and will return after a break of six or even eight years. During the blind auditions for this season, it was as if we were already watching a high-level concert prepared by professionals, as the participants are very strong vocally. And the people who come on stage have already bitten it and know very well what to do with it and how to draw attention to themselves when the teachers don't even see them", says Rolandas Mackevičius.


The host is convinced that it will be very difficult for the audience to choose their favourite after all the contestants have appeared on air: "Whereas in previous seasons you could more or less pick out the favourites and predict who would go through to the next round, this time it was impossible to know who the teachers would choose and who would make it through to the finals at all. There is no longer a big contrast between the contestants: the top voices, the top performances throughout the project, and even those contestants who seem to be very reserved at the beginning, when they get on stage, they just blossom and soar to the top."


Filming for the eighth season of the Voice of Lithuania project started in autumn. Then the producers of the project, the creative house ELITAZ, started to apply an innovation in Lithuania - filming in bubbles, where the team members were divided into just a few people, the only ones with whom they could maintain close contact during the filming, and with the others they could only communicate from a distance. Even then, the participants waited safely in their cars for their turn to appear on stage, and the audience was also abandoned. And although filming of the next stages of the project was allowed, the country's stricter quarantine conditions and the growing threat of the virus led to the decision to join the civic initiative to stay at home and postpone the filming of the next stages of the project, which were due to take place this week and next week, to the following year.


The audience will be able to see which talents will appear in the new season of the project and which famous faces will try to return to the music world after a break, right after the New Year, in the premiere of the new season on 3 January, 19:30 on LNK.