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Marija Beržė returns to the Voice of Lithuania stage: "I was brought down to earth in season 5"


Bright, charismatic and certainly not a newcomer to the stage, Marija Beržė is well known to many music lovers. Three years ago, in the fifth season of "The Voice of Lithuania", she not only made all four teachers' chairs turn around, but also music professionals stand up and applaud. But Marija has decided that she hasn't done everything in the Voice of Lithuania and is back to remind everyone of herself once again.


Marija is a professional performer. Together with the band she founded, she regularly performs at events and festivals and is expanding her musical activities. For many years, she has been trying her hand at television music, but something keeps getting in the way. In the fifth season of "The Voice of Lithuania", the former singer was knocked out in the knockout rounds of Džordana Butkutė's team and did not make it to the final.


"I left the project too early in season 5, so I think I need to come back again. I'm definitely stronger now. And what happened then, I think it was just overexcited. Before the day of the fallout, I remember that I couldn't sleep all night, I wasn't sleeping at all. I was under a lot of stress and tension when I arrived at the shoot. I remember that when I was among the 'stolen' participants, and then I was replaced by someone else, it was only when I left the studio that I thought 'thank God I managed to get out', because the tears came down in streams, which is not typical for me", - recalls Marija, on her last day in the project three years ago.


Although her luck has turned against her, she is confident that this time will be different. Having gained even more musical experience, she wants to show not only her rocking side, but also her sensitive side, which she says no one has seen before.


"I think I came into the project overconfident and was let down. I thought I was going to do well here and everything was going to work out, but it just didn't work out. I hope and I really think that this time will be better. I'm actually very calm and very sensitive, so this time I would like to show this side of me to the audience," says Marija.


Both in Season 5 and this time, Marija's greatest wish is that her own work finally sees the light of day.


"Now is the time when I am no longer introverted and I really want to do my art. My pockets are full and I'm grateful to be able to stand on the project stage, because given the current times, it's very rare for artists to do that nowadays," says Marija.


Whether her long experience on stage will be heard by the teachers of this season's project and whether Maria Beržei will manage to turn all four chairs again after a three-year break - will be seen this Sunday, 19:30 on LNK.