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"The Voice of Lithuania continues to amaze: multiple Lithuanian running champion to appear on stage


The most watched project in the country "The Voice of Lithuania" on LNK TV continues the "blind auditions" phase. Teachers' teams are rapidly filling up with unheard talents from all over Lithuania, and the bar for participants to press the red button is rising. But it turns out that not only professional singers, but also professional athletes are taking part in the project.


This Sunday, an unexpected participant will try his luck on stage - Artūras Janauskas, well-known in the Lithuanian sports world. He is a multiple national champion in short-distance steeplechase.


"I'm so caught up in sport that I want a new activity, a new kick, new emotions, a new vibe. So, while the years are still good, I thought I would try my luck on the stage of this project", says Artūras about his decision to participate in the project.


The 33-year-old athlete says he had little to do with music in his life, and although he graduated from a music school as a child, he focused on achieving results in the world of sport. And while various champions have toughened him up, Artūras doesn't hide the fact that he doesn't feel brave when he first steps on stage.


"I guess sport has taught me how to deal with excitement. The excitement of the stage and the excitement of competition are definitely similar. When I need to overcome my fear, I talk to it. Then I plant it somewhere far away and ask for courage and determination to go before fear. Before the start, my adrenaline is already up, so I reach out and flex my muscles, but before I go on stage, I think I just need to breathe," says the champion before his performance at the blind auditions.


However, Rolandas Mackevičius, the host of the project, who heard Arthur's voice already during the rehearsals, couldn't hide his surprise: "A twenty-year-old guy obviously hasn't said that in his life".


A spectacular look and a special vocal that has been hidden for many years, which will make Monique and Monica Liu melt in their teacher's chairs - this Sunday, 19:30 on LNK.