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Karolina Meschino returns to live broadcasts of "Lietuvos balsas.Vaikai" after quarantine - invites everyone to lift their spirits with dancing and music


Every Sunday evening, the Voice of Lithuania brings the country's families together in front of their screens. Children" project is already in the middle of the blind auditions. Next Sunday, viewers will once again be surprised not only by spectacular voices but also by extraordinary personalities. After a break, the Voice family will be joined by the project's reporter Karolina Meschino, who, after a three-week trip in February, had to spend another two weeks in self-isolation.


"I really miss the participants! I never had the chance to talk to the children, to interview them during the live broadcasts of the commercials. I think it will be a bit of a challenge, it would have been much more fun to do it live, but the circumstances are such that we have to think about the safety and health of all of us, so there is no other option. It's always, of course, nicer to see the interviewee when you're talking to them, rather than talking to the camera. But I hope that the children have missed me a little. And with what we have come up with for them, it will be fun not only for us, but also for those who will tune in live this Sunday," Karolina laughs.


The reporter of the Voice of Lithuania project admits that the further she goes, the more difficult it is to spend time in isolation. But something has appeared in the girl's home that now brightens up her daily routine.


"I'm not used to spending so much time at home. I have two days left before the end of the self-isolation, then the regular quarantine will start like everyone else. I really want to go outside, I miss being with people and not on the phone. But I got a 3-month-old kitten for my birthday, so now I have something to take care of. It's true, there's more to do, but the mood is much better! And anyway, I manage to find things to do at home too, so the days go by pretty fast!", says Karolina Meschino.


The whole project team decided to celebrate the return of the girl to the Voice family. Together with the participants who spend time at home, Karolina has created a video that encourages the mood at home to be lifted by music and dancing. This musical idea is what "Lietuvos balsas. Children" project will also launch a series of educational videos that will stimulate the creativity of all children in the country, and the professionals involved in the project will show that time at home can be not only fun but also meaningful.


"Staying at home has its advantages, we don't want to be bored, so music is a real salvation here. We communicate with the children in the project by phone calls, and it's great to see that the children don't stop singing and spend their time in a useful way, listening to music, doing exercises, singing and dancing. We have agreed that they will record and send us the music activities and we can already see how much fun they are having. The project's vocal teacher, Rosita Čivilytė, will have a lot to appreciate and a lot of advice to give for the vocal exercises at a distance," says the project's executive producer Agneta Gabalytė about the idea of creating a series of vocal video lessons.


Already this Sunday, Karolina Meschino, together with the project participants and Donatas Montvydas, Monika Marija and Mantas Jankavičius, who will join the live broadcast, will be on the project's Facebook account to get all the families in the country in the mood for some exciting tasks, unexpected conversations and unprecedented musical challenges. "Voice of Lithuania. Children" project - every Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.


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