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Event Industry Association: helping each other and working together is the most important thing at the moment


Last week, more than eighty companies operating in the events sector in the country decided to set up an Events Industry Association and addressed the Government with proposals on how to save the events industry and more than 13,000 jobs. Most of the association's members are currently completely suspended due to the restrictions imposed by the government in the country as a result of the COVID-19 virus, and the company managers have therefore directed their teams, who have excellent organisational skills, to take up new social activities.


Gediminas Jaunius, Chairman of the Board of the Event Industry Association, says that the most important thing at the moment is to focus and act together.


"Members of the Events Industry Association are working on how we can contribute to the common fight against the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus. We are starting with what may seem like simple, but no less important things. In response to a request to help provide disposable cups to hospitals, on Monday we delivered 77,000 cups to Vilnius Santaros Clinics. By today, with the coordinating help of Vilnius City Municipality, we have organised the delivery of another 80 000 disposable cups to the capital's hospitals. All this has been possible thanks to the active involvement of the Association's members, to whom we are grateful for their kind promptness. This is the first time that our community has come together to help the medical profession, which is the most important part of the fight against the virus at the moment," says Gediminas Jaunius, Head of the ELITAZ House of Creativity.


Agnė Grigaliūnienė, Head of Communications at the Event Industry Association, stresses the importance of helping each other.


"Our association is not just about defending our own interests. Now is the time for everyone to do what they can, and our members are looking for ways to help. The unity that is now being felt in the community, where people are giving neither their time nor their resources, gives us hope that things in our country will get better over time. What matters now is fast and accurate communication so that real help reaches those who need it most. Thank you to the staff at Santa Clínicas who share information about their needs. We are now communicating with the staff of the Children's Ward at Santa Clínica and collecting cups for them as well. If there are any institutions or organisations that can see how we can be of help with our expertise and resources, please contact us", said Agnė Grigaliūnienė, Head of OLIVE, an events and communication agency.


The association, which unites the event industry community, reminds that it invites new members in the event management and service industry to join and encourages the whole community to share ideas on how and in what ways we can help each other.


You can contact the Association at [email protected]