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The duo of Dream Hosts - J. Jurkutė and R. Zemkauskas - will host a new format music talk show 

"You're coming home and LRT is waiting with what's most important to you" - the new season of LRT TV starts on 3 September. One of the new additions to the season is the Saturday entertainment programme, the musical talk show "Dream Duets". The format of the show offers a unique opportunity for Lithuanian music stars to sing duets that until now seemed impossible. 




Every Saturday, the project's audience will see five dream-fulfilling duets with living legends and performers who have left us. In the studio, hosts Jurgita Jurkutė and Rytis Zemkauskas will talk to the contestants about their musical journey and their impressions of filming the clips.  

Many of us dream of singing on stage or in a music video with our favourite singers or bands. Lithuanian artists, who are greatly influenced by other Lithuanian and world stars - inspiring them to create, setting an example and changing lives. 

Saturday's show "Dream Duets" will invite you to re-evaluate Lithuanian and world music greats, see them through the eyes of well-known performers and see how music and technology make dreams come true. Participants will sing along with Freddie Mercury, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Vytautas Kernagis and many other artists. 



"From a technological point of view, this project is a real challenge. The filming is more like a film set than a TV set, where light and patience and the exceptionally meticulous work of the graphic designers are the main factors. We have assembled an international team, including LRT TV professionals, producers from the Netherlands, graphic designers and directors from Lithuania and Latvia. 

We brought the team together to make a small but heart-touching piece of television magic happen with a lot of effort," says Gediminas Jaunius, Producer of creative house Elitaz, about the project.  



The show "Dream Duets" was first successful in the Netherlands, and Talpa, the creators of the format, will be working on this project abroad for the first time. "We are delighted to see an incredibly successful and emotional project on the road," says Sebastian van Barneveld, International Sales Manager at Talpa.

In the LRT Grand Studio, the Lithuanian performers will talk to J. Jurkute and R. Zemkauskas, who are well-known to the audience individually, but for the first time are hosting the show as a duo. Stories and behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the clips will reveal what music means to the project participants and why the artist or his/her track chosen for the duet is important to them. 



For some artists, it's the first song they heard or record they bought, for others it's the music they heard at their wedding dance or the music that started their musical journey. For some artists, their song choice is about overcoming the challenge of singing with an artist they admire but could never be themselves. 

Impossible duets will be made possible not only by the efforts of Lithuanian stars, but also by state-of-the-art post-production techniques. The participants have been filmed performing a song in front of a green screen and will react to the final result in front of the cameras in the studio: just like the audience, they will see the duets for the first time. 



In the new season of LRT TELEVISION - what's most important for you who are looking forward to Saturday. Watch the project "Dream Duets" from 3 September, Saturdays at 9 pm on LRT TELEVISION and LRT.lt. 

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