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The events community has submitted a formal appeal to the Government for help for the events sector

Due to the situation and the quarantine declared in the country, which prohibits visits to cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports establishments and the physical servicing of visitors, as well as all events and gatherings organised in open and closed spaces, this week companies operating in the events sector have decided to set up an association of event organisers, the main objective of which is to bring together the events sector community and to make the strongest and most united contribution to the preservation of the social security of society.


The threat of coronavirus in the country has completely deprived the events industry of work and income. This situation has left the whole sector facing the biggest challenge of saving people's jobs. Today, the association being set up, supported by a large number of companies in the events sector, is writing formally to the public authorities to ask them to grant relief to the events sector, which has suffered perhaps the greatest losses of all.


"Legal and natural persons involved in the organisation of events and the provision of services related to the organisation of events have lost any possibility of carrying out their activities. COVID-19 has severely affected every member of society, but we believe that together we will overcome this challenge and that all companies in this sector will continue to contribute to the development of Lithuania's economy after the end of the crisis period. The main objective of the organisations in the events sector today is to preserve jobs and maintain the vitality of this sector of the economy. In order to survive the crisis, the community of event organisers that we mobilise and represent is appealing for help from the public authorities, without which the event industry will simply not survive. The problems of the event sector are already being solved at the state level in many European Union countries, and we hope that our sector will not be left without help in Lithuania as well," Gediminas Jaunius, producer of the creative house ELITAZ, who has been elected as the chairman of the association, commented on the appeal to the Government.


In cooperation with public authorities, the events industry hopes to save more than 13,000 jobs - the number of workers currently employed in the events sector.


"We are ready to help public authorities and the private sector. We will provide organisational services free of charge, mobilise well-known and socially responsible performers, artists and creators in order to communicate the necessary information to the public, for the sake of the peace and security of all of us," concludes Gediminas Jaunius, Chairman of ROA.