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Rūta Ščiogolevaitė presents "New Day": 'After a long time, I feel I want to write songs again'

Even after 25 years on stage, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė can still surprise: she starts the spring with "New Day", which, according to the singer, also symbolises a new creative phase, for which she feels particularly ready. "A lot of different factors have come together to inspire me to write songs again, and I'm also working with a big, very supportive team again after a long time, which is very motivating," says the singer, who has just started her new collaboration with Elitaz music. Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer of Elitaz music, is also pleased updated at "Elitaz music and Rūta partnerships. "We can already see that it is bringing mutual successes and new Rūta solo songs for the audience. Working with the owners of unique voices available at one of Elitaz music's strategic" goals, and we particularly appreciate the mutual trust that has led Ruth and me to even more bold dreams and ambitious plans."



On believing that everything will be OK


The song "New Day" comes out in the spring, after Easter, in the still painful context of world events, and Rūta doesn't hide the fact that all these experiences, transformations and survivals are reflected in the work. "The meanings of the song are both very personal, reaching into the deepest recesses of my heart, and very open - touching what the whole world is going through. My mother was the first to notice this: listening to the line "as long as she lives, as long as she shines", my mother asked who "she" was. This is a very good question, because the answer to what is SHE, what helps us to look forward to a new day with hope, can be found by each listener individually: it can be the candle I mentioned, the sunshine, or, as I mention in the song, a new day", says Rūta, adding that music itself can be hope. "Music (and this song) both heals and comforts. That's what brought me to this piece - a longing for that brighter, calmer tomorrow".



Video by KaYra


Rūta reveals that with the new song, she is entering a new creative period. "It's all come together: the new phase of my personal life, the situation in the world, the spring and the longing for creativity: I haven't written for a long time and now I feel that I have to write again and I want to say a lot, I want to use music to spread a feeling that has a magical power to change something", says the singer.



Rūta's most loyal fans will notice that not only Rūta's new song is special, but also the video, directed by Kristina Radžiukynaitė - KaYra, which sensitively reflects Rūta's personality "This song, at least for me, is about hope and light. I thought about how it should be conveyed and I realised that the best way to convey it is through Ruth herself: her genuine, soul-stirring gaze, her infinite warmth and maturity. I wanted to show her feminine, fragile side", says K. Radžiukynaitė. Both the director and the singer note that it was very easy to work together - they both have the same vision, so one woman was able to reveal the other perfectly. "I was very happy that Rūta trusted me: she was my mentor, my mirror when I started my career as a performer in various projects - I learned a lot from her and I still admire this beautiful, charismatic woman", says Kristina.


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