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Rosita Čivilytė: rules are not enough for a real summer hit

Rosita Čivilytė, who has discovered her new musical style, releases her third single "Šoksim". According to the singer, good music should not only evoke uplifting emotions, but also get you dancing, even when you are alone at home.


"To make a good song, you have to follow certain rules and you should succeed. But if you want people to hear your song and turn up their stereos and start swaying to the beat, rules alone are not enough. That's the approach we've taken with this song, which gives away its meaning with its title alone", says Rosita Čivilytė about her new song.


As the singer explains, her new sound is not just about finding new rhythms and lyrics. The studio was chosen for this. Like Rosita Čivilytė's first single, this one was recorded in a floating studio in Riga.


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"I invited my daughter Agneta Gabalytė and my friend Gediminas Jaunius, who not only smiled when they heard the first results of the recordings, but also danced. It was all in the winter, so we knew right away that if a song makes you feel like you're in summer, then the creative process has been a success," says Rosita Čivilytė of her memories of the first recordings.


Riga was also not chosen by chance. Žeraldas and Marija Povilaičis live here, and they have created a new sound for the singer. As Rosita Čivilytė tells us, from the very first notes she realised that the music and lyrics they had written were a perfect reflection of what the singer had hoped for.


"As soon as I heard what Žeraldas created in the studio, I wanted to listen louder. I'm glad that the third single is stylistically the same as the first two songs "Man Gana" and "Pasaulis baigsis". Retro sounds and electronics dominate here. It is very important for me in music that today it is possible to combine styles from different eras and make them sound new", says Rosita Čivilytė about her new single.


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Music producer Ž. Povilaitis has known the singer for a long time. He admits that he has noticed that Rosita Čivilytė is looking for change and more freedom in her work. He says that it is only under these conditions that music is enjoyable and sounds special.


"For a long time, the public considered Rosita a classical artist. And she has been very good at it, but a true artist never stays in the same genre. The comfort zone is definitely not the place where music can sound new. Creating the music for Rosita's new sound was simply a matter of trusting the music and not the existing rules of its genres. Creating under such conditions is a pleasure and a challenge at the same time", says the producer about the new phase of Rosita Čivilytė's work.


You can already see Rosita's friends and fans, including Donatas Montvydas and Mantas Jankavičius, showing off their summer dance moves to Rosita Čivilytė's new single "Šoksim" on social media. For more summer, check out her latest singles on her YouTube account.



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