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"Not only compatriots will pursue their dreams on the Voice of Lithuania stage - a spectacular girl from Uganda will be on stage


The eighth season of The Voice of Lithuania will start tonight on LNK TV. In the season marked by the word "unexpected", the exceptional voices will strive to convince the whole of Lithuania that they are worthy of being called the best in the country and to sign a contract not only with ELITAZ Music, but also with UNIVERSAL Music, the music sharks who will be overseeing their international careers.


"Personally, my mood this season is even better than last season, if I can compare. What we have seen here is definitely different. It really feels like there weren't many good music projects and now everyone has come here. And I'm glad they did, they're going to take a lot from here", Monique, who is in her second season as a teacher, is convinced.


The new season will start with the iconic "blind auditions", where Monika Liu, Monique, Donatas Montvydas and Justinas Jarutis will choose the contestants for their team by hearing only their voice. But behind the extraordinary voices will also be extraordinary personalities, with stories that will surprise many viewers.


One of them is Clementine from Uganda. Clementine, who studied Applied Biotechnology in Lithuania, is currently looking for a job and is trying to make it as a singer and songwriter.


"I've always loved travelling to places that people are less familiar with, so Lithuania seemed like the perfect place to stay. I had no expectations when I came here, I wanted to see what life was like in this country, as I travelled a lot growing up. I like it here, the people are just as welcoming as in other places, but much more closed. In Uganda, it is common for people to come to you, but here you have to go to them", says Clementine about her experience in Lithuania.


Having travelled all over the world and lived in different countries since she was a young girl, she has had to spend a lot of time away from home and her family. For years, she has been pouring out her longing by writing songs full of inner experiences, and this year she finally decided that it was time for the whole of Lithuania to hear her talent.


"I decided that even though I have a huge fear of the stage, I will do it anyway, because it is an important step in growing into a bigger and better person for myself," Clementine says.


Finally, other participants of the premiere show will also try to show their unique voice to the whole Lithuania and share their sensitive and sometimes even unbelievable stories, including the owner of a spectacular voice Austėja, who has been disowned by her mother after a divorce, Neda, a brawler who has returned from London with an exceptional appearance due to the project, Artur, an accountant who was raised by a single mother and who has already changed his profession, Ignas, a vocalist of Lithuanian Stars Back, and many other exceptional personalities.


"The premiere of The Voice of Lithuania is tonight at 19:30 on LNK.