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Mantas Jankavičius on a different Easter: 'Thank God, I won't feel lonely'



"Voice of Lithuania. Children" project is gaining momentum - after the end of the blind auditions, this Easter Sunday, the first edition of the trials will be aired, where the project teachers Donatas Montvydas, Monika Marija and Mantas Jankavičius will decide with which children they will go to the semi-finals.


The first edition of the trios, where for the first time in the project, children will perform together with top music professionals, will be watched by the project's teachers themselves in a family circle. This time, the three music stars also shared their plans for the day.


 "Easter is about calmness, concentration. When preparing the table, we usually all try to help our mother, offer our help. However, Mum is probably the one who takes the most care of the dishes and does it best. And we, who miss our mother and her delicacies, don't interfere in the process", says Monika Marija about her family's Easter traditions.


Donatas Montvydas, meanwhile, when asked about traditions, mentions that in his family they go back generations: 'In my childhood we used to roll eggs, of course. Growing up, maybe those games are no longer relevant. But of course, with the arrival of our own children, those games have returned.


Donatas admits that Easter and Christmas Eve are the two holidays that have kept the tradition of bringing the whole family together around one table. This year, however, he will be celebrating with those closest to him.


"We quarantine ourselves responsibly and try to see as little of each other as possible. However, we have a family agreement that we can see each other - we feel safe because we don't meet people around us. Just to protect our parents, we avoid unnecessary contact as much as possible. However, this is family time, and it's nice to meet and see each other. And now that we see each other almost every day in isolation, there won't be much change," says Donatas.


Mantas Jankavičius says that in his family's home, Easter is not just another holiday or vacation, but a day with a special meaning.


 "Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection, and our family celebrates that joy, celebrating that we are safe, that our home, our family, our loved ones are safe. It's not just about colouring eggs, but about meeting our loved ones, grandmothers and grandfathers."


However, Mantas adds that this year will be different for his family's traditions: "Easter will be different this year. Easter will be different, but thank God it won't be lonely - there are a bunch of children at home. But there is bitterness in the fact that grandmothers won't be able to come and meet the children this year.


Talking about traditions, Mantas Jankavičius dreamily recalls egg-printing techniques and Easter egg-breaking fights: "When I was little, all those traditions came from my grandmother. We used to dye eggs with onion shells, add semolina, herbs. We used to put them in my mother's old tights and cook them. These traditions have been passed on to the present family. Also, the children already know how to choose the strongest egg according to its shape in order to win at egg breaking.


Mantas adds that it's fun to remember when he used to swap painted eggs with friends - it's a gift that may seem worthless, but gives "a magical feeling of togetherness", as it's not something material, but a symbolic part of life.


On the occasion of Easter, Mantas Jankavičius and his team members send their musical wishes to the whole Lithuania and invite you to gather with your family this evening at 19:30 on LNK to watch the unique stage of the project and the performances that will enchant the whole Lithuania.