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Before the launch of "Voice of Lithuania. "We'll be fine", Donatas Montvydas and his contestants send musical wishes.


At the end of "Voice of Lithuania. Children" blind auditions, a new and competitive round of trials begins. This Easter Sunday at 19:30 on LNK, the project will once again bring all Lithuanian families to the screens and start a spectacular stage, where for the first time, the children will prepare their performances for the stage together with Donatas Montvydas, Mantas Jankavičius, Monika Marija and the project's styling, dancing and vocal professionals. The stage will be filled with three teachers' teams, only one of which will go through to the semi-finals.


Donatas Montvydas, who has been working with children for many years, never stops smiling during the preparations - rehearsals are always full of positivity, but he admits that sometimes not everything goes according to plan.


"Some children will be singing with others for the first time. Naturally, although we try to present the project as one big adventure, they also feel the competition. That's why they sometimes try to improvise, to demonstrate their vocal abilities, even though it hasn't even been rehearsed that way," says Donatas Montvydas, recalling the last rehearsal when, because of the children's improvisations and their willingness to sing, the project's team worried about whether the performance would be a success and whether the children would be able to sing together.


Going into the trials, Donatas Montvydas assures that he does not have any favourites in his team so far, and he will only decide who to take to the semi-finals after evaluating the participants' performance in front of the audience. The teacher knows that when working with children, the most important thing is to avoid any drama and to ensure that participation in the project brings only positive emotions.


 "I reserve judgement until after the show. If I were to pick a favourite now, I feel ninety per cent that it will change. I go as a white sheet of paper hoping to see the best performance and vote for it. Voice of Lithuania. Children project is unique and exciting because it involves children who do not always perform steadily, do not do everything they did in rehearsals. However, it is a very good indication of the level of professionalism when you sing in front of the cameras at the Siemens Arena. Anyway, my mission is to make every member of my team's performance on stage a real celebration for them and for the audience", says Donatas.


This week, the teacher decided to share the positive with his students before the festive edition of the project. Together with two of his team members, Aron and David, and the ELITAZ live band, they have recorded musical wishes for Lithuania at home to send the most important message to all Lithuanian families during this period - everything will be fine.


A musical bomb of positivity on stage, professionally prepared children's performances, unexpected images of the teachers and difficult decisions when choosing which participant they are ready to go to the semi-finals with - already this Sunday at 19:30 on LNK.


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