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Lithuanian podcast on dentists' work launches - will explore dentists' drawers and answer all your questions about dental care

Why is the dentist's chair probably the most expensive piece of furniture you have ever sat on? How to drive a dentist crazy? When to trust a dentist and when to seek additional advice? These and other questions that every person with teeth has will finally be answered in a new, very open and humorous podcast "Margo: the whole truth about your teeth".


The idea for the show was born in the classroom


Margarita Musteikytė, who has been working in dentistry for more than 12 years, is the host and expert of the podcast "Margo: the whole truth about your teeth". Margarita not only continuously improves her knowledge all over the world - from part-time courses at Cambridge and Boston Universities, to her work in dental associations around the world and in the USA - but she is also happy to share her experience with others. Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer of the creative house Elitaz, noticed this in Margarita's office - after hearing Margarita's concerns that Lithuanians still have very little knowledge about the work of dentists, he immediately came up with an idea for a new educational project.


"I met Gediminas in an unlikely place - a dentist's chair! I say: Gediminas, people know very little about teeth and dentists and what they do there. And he said: 'That's good, they'll find out soon!', smiles the charismatic dentist Margarita, but admits that it wasn't easy to settle into her new role as a TV presenter. "When we started filming, I was not sure where to look, where to put my hands and feet, when to pick my nose, but today we have a dentist who is no longer afraid of the camera and a bunch of videos on various topics. My goal is to tell the truth about how it really is with these teeth, to help you distinguish between what is true and what is more advertising, myths and fairy tales, and what is the truth," says Musteikytė.



Co-creator Gediminas Jaunius says that Margarita Musteikytė leaves no doubt not only about her professionalism, but also about her charisma, which is characteristic of the people of the airwaves: "I am delighted that we can finally present the first four series of the series Margo: the whole truth about your teeth, and we are going to make one more series. I am sure that from now on Lithuania will know more about its teeth and will discover a very charming and competent dentist, who I dare to predict will be a success not only in the dentist's office, but also in the film studio".


NASA technology in your mouth


€15,000 - that's the average value of the small tools used by a dentist in a single day. And then there's the furniture, materials and other equipment, where the technology used is often NASA-level. "I want to tell you all the secrets of dentists and give you a better understanding of their work: for example, why dentists are not often rich and even bankrupt, what their debilitating agenda looks like, or, on the contrary, why some professionals resort to tricks that the patient should be able to recognise," says Margarita.
Dental fillings, aesthetics, straightening, implants, caps, staples, prosthetics, communication with the dentist and documentary-quality experiences in the drawers of the dentist's office - you can now see all this in the new podcast "Margo: the whole truth about your teeth" on the Youtube channel "platformA".


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