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"Voice of Lithuania. Generations" winner "HEY! MIX" covered the legendary Ledi Ais song. "This is the undying anthem of Lithuanian girls"

"He deserves the cover of a book, the sweetest words in a novel" - almost everyone knew or even hummed these lines a few years ago. Today, the song that was one of the first  reached one million views on the Lithuanian Youtube, and was covered again by Lietuvos balsas. Kartos" winners "HEY! MIX", and even more emotions are added by the colourful, youthful clip. 



"HEY! MIX" have their own unique energy - they are modern, talented and very energetic girls who, I am sure, will fill the niche of a girl group that has been vacant on the music market for a long time" , - says Gediminas Jaunius, the producer of Elitaz Music, the creative house that has released the song, and Edgaras Žaltauskas and Kasparas Meginis, who produced the revived track, are convinced that the song will touch hearts of Lithuanian ladies and listeners again. "The "giddiness" about the guys you like is something that everyone goes through, so this song should be relevant throughout the ages. However, it's been danced and sung at parties and by ourselves," Karolis and Kasparas laugh, adding that despite the great starting material, they tried to make the song as appealing as possible to the slightly changed taste of the audience. "We put in some of today's topical flavours, with the young listener in mind," say the creators, who have produced a number of highly successful tracks.



Summer video filmed in 10 locations

The romantic and youthful idea of "Jis" is also reflected in the song's video, directed by Justas Andriejauskas. The intense  more than 20 people were involved in the creative process, even  ten locations, and the girls' image was taken care of by the famous sportswear brand 4F, with whom the girls have recently started working.

 "We set ourselves the goal of creating a unique outfit for each unique girl that she would feel comfortable with and free to express herself. At the same time, we had to think about the image of the whole group and keep it consistent. It was not easy, but the end result exceeded expectations," says 4F's Paulina Bafia  and stresses that together with HEY! MIX" found more than one common point. "As a sports brand, we value teamwork - we know that together we can go further than alone. We can clearly see that HEY! MIX girls are team players and look out for each other," Paulina remarks.



The song promised success from the start

"Voice of Lithuania. Generations" to the winners "Hey! Mix" girls, this is their first and especially important musical debut after their victory in the intense final of the project. Jaunius emphasises that he sees Elitaz Music as a long-term project, which he believes will be a success, so he has taken a lot of time to think through all the steps and find the best song for the start. "I won't hide the fact that there were even a few possible  premiere songs (which will probably reach the listeners soon as well), however, for a striking debut we have chosen this track, which not only fits perfectly with HEY! MIX" and their current audience, but also nostalgically appeals to the wider audience of Lithuanian music lovers", - says G. Jaunius.

The creative team of the newly revived song would like to thank Ingrid Tamošaitienė - Ledi Ais, the singer of the original song released in 2008, as well as the song's author and producer Žilvinas Žusinas, who admits that he has been thinking about its return for a long time. "I've been thinking for some time that it would be great to re-release it. I'm glad that it continues to live its life," says Žilvinas, and when asked if he ever thought it would be such a success, he makes no secret of it. "Although there was a lot of competition at the time when we released the song, the very first reactions at concerts, as well as the reactions from radio stations, left no doubt that the song would be a success. Soon the words "It's worth the cover of a book" were ringing out on the streets through the open windows of cars," smiles Žilvinas.


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