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A new show is coming to Lithuania - the whole of Lithuania will become a hunting ground!

This autumn, Lithuanian audiences can look forward to an intriguing premiere - "Hunting Season". This is a new hunting show that will cover the whole country. The chase game, which has broken viewing records in the Netherlands, is a breathtaking format by Talpa Entertainment Productions and will be brought to life in Lithuania by the producers of ELITAZ. 



"We are professionally honoured to bring to Lithuania an exceptional, energetic and action-packed show called Hunting Season. This is yet another result of our collaboration with the world-renowned producer John de Mol and his team. We are the authorised and exclusive representatives of Talpa formats in the Baltics, and we are determined to surprise with the freshest TV content news, and one of them is definitely Hunting Season, which we will be implementing in Lithuania on behalf of Telia TV." - says Gediminas Jaunius, Chief Producer of Creative House ELITAZ. 



Celebrities will become fugitives

In this heart-pounding game, two fugitives, each episode featuring a different famous Lithuanian person, will try to escape from a fictitious prison and remain uncaptured for four hours. The people they know well will have to rely on the help of people they meet - they will have no phones or money, just a bright orange jumpsuit. The whole of Lithuania will be the hunting ground. Where the fugitives go will depend on the help of the people they meet and the plan they make. Although the fugitives will have nothing, the catchers will use all smart technology to chase them. The chase will take place in real time, in a real, non-fiction world. And if the fugitives are caught in less than four hours, they will lose the game and will have to continue with the bets agreed at the start of the game. If the fugitives manage to stay uncaught for four hours, the catchers will have a fun and not always pleasant task.



Rockers will hunt the stars

The hunters of the new Telia TV project are the members of the fast-rising alternative rock band JAUTI - Džiugas Širvys, Nojus Zvicevičius, Pilypas Gruzdys, Matas Petrulis, who will have to be not only very fast, but also inventive in making urgent decisions. 



"We really, genuinely love this game. The active format of the show, which doesn't let you stop for a second, allows you to fully immerse yourself and just forget that this is a filmed show, not reality, and that we are not really "hunters"," laughs the band members, "We think that the game will be close to everyone's heart, because it all reminds us of childhood, when we used to take part in various orienteering competitions - the excitement never really goes away. And we've shot a number of videos of ourselves running around, and we don't really stand still during concerts either. In a word, sitting still is not for us", smiles the hunters of the upcoming "Hunting Season" and reveals that it will not be easy to escape from them:

"Fugitives will be given 20 minutes at the start of the game to get away from the hunters. They will only be able to stay in the same vehicle for a limited time, and they will not be allowed to carry certain items with them, such as mobile phones or money. They will be distinguished from the crowd by their bright orange fugitive suits. Fugitives will be able to run from hunters all over Lithuania, but they will not be able to hide in private or public spaces (for example, a supermarket car park). What's more, the GPS transmitter will give the location of the fugitives every ten minutes," say the "hunters". 



Continuing to raise the bar for TV content

According to Vitalija Kibildė, Head of Telia TV, this project is another step towards offering viewers all over Lithuania exclusive, original and up-to-date content in the latest formats on the Telia TV plaftform. "Hunting Season" started as an online project, and after quickly gaining popularity on the YouTube platform, it was not long before it attracted the attention of TV channels. The Lithuanian version is scheduled to premiere on Telia TV this autumn. We want the new reality show to win the hearts of our viewers and to add a lot of news to the autumn season of Telia TV," says Kibildė.


Lithuania will be the fourth country in the world to present "Hunting Season", an adventure show for the whole family. The fast-growing TV format Hunting Season is already being implemented in neighbouring Poland, Belgium and, of course, the Netherlands, where it was conceived.