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Lithuanian Voice has chosen the winner - Evita Cololo, a member of Justinas Jarutis' team, won the seventh season of the project


The grand final of the seventh season of The Voice of Lithuania took place on LNK TV this evening, where the winner of the project was revealed. Twelve finalists performed on stage during the show.


The quarantined performances were filmed in advance last week, but tonight all 12 finalists, the project's teachers and other fans watched the show live in their cars on a huge screen on the roof of the Oz Shopping Centre. The announcement of the four super-finalists and the winner was also broadcast live here. During the evening, those who gathered to watch the broadcast on the big screen had the unique opportunity to see live performances by the stars of the Lithuanian Voice. On stage, the show was put on by the first "Voice of Lithuania. Milėja, the winner of the second season of "Lietuvos balas. Children" season and the winner of the fifth season of "Voice of Lithuania", Paulina and KaYra.


During the final, the public voted in two rounds. The first round of voting attracted a total of 20 299 votes. The audience voted for the finalists as follows.


After the first round of voting, live on the rooftop of the Oz Shopping Centre, Rolandas Mackevičius announced the four superfinalists with the highest number of votes - Evita, Simona Jakubėnaitė, Jakubūbas and Karolinas. The audience vote was announced again and all votes were counted again. The audience had just a few minutes to decide who would be the winner of the whole season.


After the second round of voting, the viewers decided that the winner of the seventh season was Evita Cololo from Justinas Jarutis' team. The four super finalists were voted for a total of 4896 times. Evita received 2,139 votes, Simona received 1,462 votes, James received 718 votes and Karolina received 577 votes.


The announcement of the winner took place directly on the roof of the Oz Shopping Centre. The winner was awarded a cash prize of EUR 15,000 and a contract with ELITAZ Music.


Evita was delighted, "I don't feel I've won yet. I should get that feeling soon. The votes were very good throughout the final. I think they were most influenced by my performance, which was the last one. But I don't feel like I've won now", Evita said on stage.


Gediminas Jaunius, the chief producer of the creative house ELITAZ, which produces the Voice of Lithuania projects, was also pleased with the winner: 'Throughout the whole project Evita has been a stable leader in terms of the audience's sympathies and the attention she receives in social networks. Her victory is not unexpected, but very well deserved. I am happy that such a talented and beautiful girl will represent the Voice of Lithuania. I wish her courage on stage and I am looking forward to meeting her tomorrow when we will discuss her further musical plans with ELITAZ Music."


After the final broadcast on LNK TV, Evita performed live on the roof of the Ozo shopping centre and on the Voice of Lithuania Facebook account and repeated the song that brought him victory in the final.


"Voice of Lithuania, Voice of Lithuania. Seniors" and "Lietuvos hlasas. Children" projects have already started registering participants for the new season. The projects will return to the LNK TV airwaves this autumn. You can fill in the forms www.lnk.lt