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ELITAZ's private anniversary celebration fulfilled the client's vision of ending with dancing on the bar

Unforgettable experiences sometimes require just a little magic. By hiding unexpected surprises in small details, by letting you delve into the depths of the flavours of the kitchen's virtuosos, and by enveloping you in the sound of real music, which unwittingly makes even those who swear they never dance dance dance. We know a party has been a success when it is accompanied by dozens of happy eyes eager to repeat it, leaving the party bar marked by the footsteps of those who danced until dawn. We've been working on the wonders of private celebrations for 18 years and know what it takes to make them legendary.

For special occasions, ELITAZ Creative House combines ideas with private celebration clients. This time we had the anniversary of an exceptional personality - here the main task was to create an experience that would end with all guests dancing on the bar. This mission was accomplished with flying colours. But we did more than that - we filled the space in the Gastronomy Restaurant with a culinary journey filled with elegance, accompanied by the chef's own stories and magical and musical interludes, and we solved the acoustic challenge in the extraordinary 18th-century Elizabethan Chapel, where dancing accompanied by live music lasted until dawn.