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Newly formed group of Rolandas Mackevičius, Mantas Stonkus and Naglis Bierancas conquered the internet at the Tech Top 2023 National Technical Awards

Over the weekend, LNK aired the 9th National Tech Awards "Tech Top 2023", where viewers found out who the best techies of the year were, and embarked on a humorous technological whodunit, where well-known film actors and opinion makers solved a cybercrime inspired by Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence was the theme of this year's awards, showcasing its potential and prospects in everyday life and in the integration of technology into our homes. In Detective, the lead role of the artificial intelligence "Ledi Di" was played by the well-known film actress Toma Vaškevičiūtė, who also shared for the first time during the Awards the happy news that she is expecting her first child.

The award-winning detective starred actors Ainis Storpirštis, Ramūnas Cicėnas, Mindaugas Papinigis, Gytis Ivanauskas, opinion leaders Rolandas Mackevičius, Inidė Jasnauskaitė, Mantas Stonkus, Naglis Bierancas, Robertas Kalinkinas, Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, Goda Problema, Justas Pečeliūnas, Paul Demiko, Deividas Bendžius, and many more. Remis Retro, Giedrė Kilčiauskienė, Gabrielė Vilkickytė, Anyanya, Evgenya Redko and a new group of Rolandas Mackevičius, Mantas Stonkus and Naglis Bierancas, who have come together especially for this show. The latter performed a humorous rendition of 69 Danguje's song "Velniškas Greitis", which garnered two million social media views and 14,000 likes in just one evening.

During the awards, the audience also learned who became the best technician of the year in eight major categories, while the other 30 categories were announced by illusionist Rokas Bernatonis together with Rolandas Mackevičius and tech expert Karols Makricks during the webcast on the DELFI platform. During the broadcast, it was also revealed who the viewers chose as this year's Brand of the Nation - Apple.

 In the other categories, the winners were chosen by popular vote, as they are every year, and by a jury of experts, which this year included 24 well-known people: Vaidotas Vaišis, Director of the Science Directorate of Vilnius University of Technology, Tomas Proscevičius, a business development expert, Karolis Makrickas, a technology journalist, Vidmantas Tomkus, an expert in space technology, Andrius Užkalnis, one of the most renowned food critics, a writer, Andrius Užkalnis, and a novelist, photographer and blogger Nida Degutienė, chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, vice-president of Infobalt Mindaugas Glodas, presenter Indrė Kavaliauskaitė, Gediminas Jaunius, chief producer of creative house ELITAZ, and Tomas Bartininkas, head of LNK's commerce, Aurelijus Rusteika, founder of TOPO GRUPĖ, Vidmantas Janulevičius, President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, founder and head of BOD GROUP, Šarūnas Tamulis, content creator, Vytautas Benokraitis, head of DELFI, Algirdas Kaušpėdas, plastic surgeon Darius Radzevičius, actress Ineta Stasiulytė, social media content creator Goda Problema, opera soloist Ieva Prudnikovaitė, LTG Chairman of the Board Kęstutis Šliužas, CEO of Topo Centro Remigijus Štaras, and actor Vytautas Rumsas Junior.

"Every year, the National Technical Awards receive more and more interest - this year we received as many as 1.6 million votes. We are proud to be able to showcase the world's most astonishing technical innovations in Lithuania. But this event has long been about more than just the technology itself. It has become a unique annual show that allows people to get a quick glimpse of the global technology world, where Lithuania has a lot to be proud of every year. I think this year's viewers will be surprised by how widely we already use artificial intelligence in our everyday life, as well as by how much our compatriots have achieved in the field of artificial intelligence", - says Remigijus Štaras, CEO of Topo Centras, about the annual election of the best technology.

"The winners of Tech Top 2023 are:

  1. Smart TV of the Year - OLED LG 77G33LA
  2. Smartphone of the Year - Iphone 15 Pro
  3. Laptop of the Year - APPLE MacBook Pro 14
  4. Kitchen Appliance of the Year - AEG 8000 Series Steam Oven with SteamPro, AEG BSE798380T
  5. Wellness Product of the Year and e-mobility tool - Oral-B iO 10 Cosmic Black electric toothbrush
  6. Innovative Product of the Year - SAMSUNG Galaxy Fold 5
  7. Lithuanian Technical Achievement of the Year - Lithuanian Tractor Grows M1
  8. Cooker of the Year - BOSCH PVQ811F15E
  9. Oven of the Year - AEG BSE798380T
  10. Dishwasher of the Year - Electrolux EEC67310L ComfortLift
  11. E-Scooter of the Year - Ninebot Kickscooter F65I Powered by Segway
  12. Fitness Product of the Year - Beurer BM95
  13. Smartwatch or bracelet of the year - Apple Watch Ultra 2
  14. Oral-B iO 10 Oral Hygiene Product of the Year
  15. Sports Massager of the Year - Naipo MGF-F15
  16. Climate Improvement Tool of the Year - PHILIPS AMF870/15
  17. Fridge of the Year - SAMSUNG Family hub RS6HA8891B1
  18. Clothes Care Product of the Year - SAMSUNG Bespoke WW11BB744DGBS7
  19. Little Clothes Friend of the Year - PHILIPS PSG8140/80
  20. Wardrobe Care Product of the Year - SAMSUNG Bespoke WW11BB744DGBS7
  21. Home Cleaning Device of the Year - Samsung Bespoke Jet Al
  22. Home Robot of the Year - ECOVACS Deebot T20 OMNI
  23. Small Kitchen Helper of the Year - KENWOOD Cooking Chef XL
  24. Coffee Machine of the Year - JURA J8
  25. Hot Food Appliance of the Year - PHILIPS Airfryer
  26. Cold Beverage Maker of the Year - BRAUN JB9040BK PowerBlend 9
  27. Cooking Appliance of the Year - KENWOOD Cooking Chef XL KCL95.424SI
  28. Outdoor BBQ product of the year - WEBER Genesis II E-335
  29. Women's Beauty Product of the Year - PHILIPS SenseIQ BHD829/00
  30. Men's Beauty Product of the Year - PHILIPS S9000 Prestige SP9883/35
  31. Beauty Product of the Year - PHILIPS SenseIQ BHD829/00
  32. Speaker of the Year - JBL Boombox 3 Wi-Fi
  33. Headphones of the Year - Sony WF-1000XM5
  34. Audio Equipment of the Year - Sony WF-1000XM5
  35. Camera of the Year - Canon EOS R6 Mark II System Camera
  36. Free Electricity Installation of the Year - EcoFlow Balcony Solar Power Plant
  37. Gaming PC of the Year - ASUS ROG Strix G733PZ-LL023W