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Disclosure of "Lietuvos balsas. Generation" teachers - two new faces join

The second edition of "The Voice of Lithuania. Generations" season. The new season of the project series, which broke all viewing records the first time around, promises even more quality music and unique talents who have finally dared to show their voices to music professionals and to the whole of Lithuania. "Voice of Lithuania. Generations" has an exclusive format - there will be no soloists on stage, but duos, trios, quartets, ensembles and bands will join the project.


The new season will bring many surprises. ELITAZ Creative House, which has been organising the project for more than a decade, today reveals the names of the teachers. The new season will see the arrival of Benas Aleksandravičius and Vaidas Baumila, the old-timers of the project, who are already loved by the participants and the audience, as well as two new faces who will be joining the huge family of the Voice - the singer and songwriter Gabrielė Vilkickytė, and the world-famous opera soloist Nomeda Kazlaus.


"Lithuanian Voices Kartos returns for its second season right after the powerful anniversary season, and this will be evident in the second season of Kartos. A long and intriguing musical adventure awaits the audience: the new phases of the project, which were highly complimented last year, will be repeated at the audience's request and with even more intrigue. The two exceptional musicians joining the old-timers of the Kartai season will, I am sure, add a bright colour to the season, and at the same time will be a sign for the participants that the Voice stage is opening its gates even wider to singing talents of all genres. And for the audience, it is also a promise that the competition for participants in the Teachers' Chairs this year will be fierce," says the project's Chief Producer Gediminas Jaunius about the new season.


Gabrielė Vilkickytė reveals that she was really looking forward to joining the ranks of teachers. She calls this new experience a special event in her life and hopes to discover talents that do not always fit into society's standards.


"I'll be honest, Ben was the reason I started watching The Voice. I was curious how such an alternative music personality would function on TV. I think it was only thanks to him that I started to see myself in this role. Already last year, when I watched the project, I had a feeling that in a year or two I would be offered a teacher's chair, and I accepted it honourably. I realise that this project is not only about the most popular faces in pop music, but also about alternative artists who really have a lot to give. These are the kind of artists that don't always fit the norm, or as I call them, the oddballs that are so personally special to me, that I look forward to. The ones who are capable, but do not yet fully believe in themselves. I want to convince them. To help them reveal themselves and tell their story. After all, there is nothing more powerful than exceptional personalities with great talents", says Gabrielė Vilkickytė, the new teacher of the project.


For Nomeda Kazlaus, a world-renowned cultural and artistic personality who joins the new season, the invitation was not unexpected - this star has been in the teachers' chairs for several seasons. And while the multitude of works, concerts and projects on the calendar of the renowned opera soloist has kept her in the teacher's chair for many seasons, this year has been a turning point. 


"The Voice of Lithuania is a world-famous project, which is why I find it particularly interesting. For many years it has been impossible to join the team of teachers due to the amount of work, so I am happy that this year I will finally be able to be in a role where I see myself very well. I'm a TV person, filming, jurying is totally my genre. I know the magic of television very well, I have a huge amount of experience working with artists of all genres and I know that I can give them a lot. The art of opera is the highest art of vocal excellence, because opera soloists can sing any genre, but not all singers can sing opera. For eight years I have had my own Vocal Mastery Academy, where I constantly receive talented stage stars from different genres who want to improve their skills, so I know that those who join my team will gain extremely valuable experience that will help them on their way, perhaps even on the world stage," says Nomeda Kazlaus, the new teacher of "Lietuvos balsa".


The first round of the Blind Auditions will make a thunderous return this season and will be live at Vilnius ASG Arena in October in the newly renovated studio. The next stages of the project will also take the country's major arenas by storm, with a tour of Lithuania planned.


"At the end of January, we will return to Klaipėda Švyturys Arena for the Battle Stage, where the Balso family always receives a special welcome. Those who watched the live filming last year know that it is worth to take care of the best locations in advance, as in Klaipėda, annihilations are highly probable. There, the audience will be treated to Duels, as well as the renewed and intriguing Knockouts and, of course, last year's hit CrossFights, which will once again involve the Arena audience in deciding which participants will go through to the Final. Meanwhile, the Grand Final, which LNK TV will broadcast live from the Zalgiris Arena on 12 May 2024, will be particularly intriguing. We have revamped the structure of the Final, which will add even more drama and intrigue for the participants and the audience alike. We look forward to seeing you live later this year and on LNK screens in 2024." ," concludes Gediminas Jaunius, the project's Chief Producer.