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Unlimited adventures in the wild nature of Žemaitija: the first Lithuanian reality series "Tiltas" starts

"Telia Play presents the first reality series in Lithuania "Tiltas", where 12 contestants will compete for a record-breaking prize money of EUR 30 000. The reality series, which has gained popularity around the world and is full of intrigue and unrehearsed drama, will be available to viewers in Lithuania from 4 October only on Telia Play+. In parallel, HBO and Amazon Prime have been developing this TV format in Scandinavia this summer.


Filmed in a unique corner of wild Lithuanian nature near Telšiai, the reality series will immerse you in an intriguing social drama in which 12 individuals who have taken on an extraordinary challenge strive for one common goal - to build a three-hundred-metre-long Bridge connecting their campsite with the Lighthouse on the island of a lake. The task is not easy and is full of challenges. Participants will repeatedly test their moral limits and answer the question - what are they prepared to do for the tempting prize money?


"The demand for original Lithuanian content has been growing steadily in recent years. As viewers have more freedom of choice, they are becoming more discerning about their leisure entertainment and increasingly value quality. This is reflected in the popularity of original Telia Play content. We believe that Lithuania's first reality series will continue this trend and will also attract a large audience and further increase the supply of exclusive Lithuanian content. We strive to create our productions not only by implementing original ideas of local creators, but also by taking into account global trends and the most successful and inventive contemporary formats. We will continue to work in this direction," says Vitalija Kibildė, Head of Telia Play.


Gediminas Jaunius, producer of the reality TV series "Tiltas", says that the creative house ELITAZ has been working for more than a decade with leading international TV formats.


"This has helped us to gain valuable and unique experience in creating high quality content. The opportunity to implement one of the freshest global phenomena "Tiltas" in Lithuania was a pleasant creative and professional challenge for our team. The new genre of reality TV series - it is not only a record of life, but also a kind of social experiment in cinematic clothing - added a special charm to the creative process. We have brought together, I dare say, the best professionals in our market, the results of whose work will soon be presented to the public. We are looking forward to the reactions of the audience with pre-premiere excitement, hoping that "Tiltas" will resonate with the hearts of many viewers, and that the beautifully depicted Lithuanian nature will make us once again proud of the country in which we live," - G. Jaunius.


"12 adventurous daredevils took on the Tiltas challenge. Among them are businessman Ignas Jomantas, who claims to be Viktorija Siegel's lover, Sinilga Bartaseviciute, the first trainer of Jonas Valanciunas, businesswoman Ugne Useviciute, who has lost 140 kg, and Gediminas Plokštys, a specialist in the Security Management Division of the Security Management Division of the Lithuanian Prison Service, Vitas Karosas, a professional fighter, Kazimieras Bergelis, a construction worker, Eidmantas Bugailiškis, a welder, Alina Kavaliauskaitė, a mother of three, Laura Kublinskaitė, an events and reservations manager, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė, a jeweller, Vidmante Šukytė, an actress, and Simonas Bisikirskas, a manager.


"Telia Play acquired the Bridge franchise from French TV company Banijay at the same time as Paramount, HBO and Amazon Prime, which is developing the reality series in Scandinavia. It is a very popular and relevant television format at the moment. For a long time, the project was shrouded in secrecy and even the participants themselves did not know exactly what kind of adventure they were embarking on until the last minute.


The premiere of the reality TV series "Tiltas" on Telia Play+ - already on 4 October!