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“The Bridge Lithuania,” captured in July 2023 and broadcasted in October, unfolds amidst the breathtaking wilderness of Lithuania. Located on a secluded fish farm embraced by untouched forests, this hidden oasis provides an enchanting backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Nestled within this pristine setting is a private fish farm boasting multiple artificial ponds, guaranteeing absolute seclusion and exclusivity. The accompanying campsite is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of a successful production, facilitating the transformation of your creative vision into a mesmerizing reality series. We offer not only the fully equiped campsite itself, but also a highly experienced production team including producers, directors, camera men, sound crew and more. Discover the perfect blend of natural beauty and logistical convenience as you embark on the journey of bringing “The Bridge” to life.

Available Dates for filming:

2024 May 13 – June 2

2024 July 8 – July 28

2024 August 5 – August 25


In this fast-paced quiz show, one hundred avid quiz enthusiasts engage in quiz duels on a massive LED floor. The floor is segmented into one hundred identical squares, each symbolizing a distinct field of knowledge. Each participant occupies their designated square. The objective? To conquer the entire floor and secure a substantial cash prize! The rules are straightforward: a randomly selected contestant challenges a neighboring opponent to a quiz duel, where they compete head-to-head in the category corresponding to the opponent’s square. Categories span from ‘renowned athletes’ to ‘Hollywood actors,’ and from ‘iconic buildings’ to ‘mammals.’ All questions are accompanied by visual aids, such as photographs.

We provide a state-of-the-art TV production studio complete with the latest technology and stylish set decor, created for filming “The Floor“ format. Alongside the production facility, we present a highly skilled production team ready to bring this show to life.

Available dates for filming:

2024 March – April