Play Sound

This is a series of live concerts featuring some of Lithuania's most prominent performers. During the musical format of the talk show, Lithuanian artists present their work in a chamber setting, as well as receive unexpected questions from representatives of the stage and the entertainment world, who are watching the performances together with the viewers. ELITAZ has already produced two seasons of Play Sound on the Telia Play platform, featuring such artists as Junior A, Golden Parazyth, Rosita Čivilytė, 8 Kambarys, Giedrė, Mantas Jankavičius, Beatrich, Gabrielė Vilkickytė, Vaidas Baumila, and the groups Jauti and Bix.

Fc Baseball concert

Coziness, sincerity, warmth - that's how the music of singer and songwriter Tautvydas Gaudėšius, known as FC Baseball, can be described, and the singer gives his whole heart on stage. Faithful, memorising the lyrics, open to feelings - that's what his fans are like, pulling his songs together during concerts and immersing themselves in his music with all their being. "Telia Play invites you not only to enjoy an FC Baseball concert, but also to see what goes on "behind the scenes" and the thoughts that go through an artist's mind before he enters the stage. It's time to get swept away by the music!

A.Mamontovas concert film

The biggest concert of Andrius Mamontovas' solo career and documentary behind-the-scenes footage. On the legendary Vingis Park stage in the capital's Vingis Park, 20 000 spectators were treated to the most popular hits by A. Mamontovas and Foje, uniquely performed in a new format - with a symphony orchestra conducted by Maestro Modestas Pitrén. This film is a commemoration of the historic concert, which the performer himself dreamt of seeing through the eyes of the audience.

J. Jarutis concert film

The artist's story, the backstage of the entertainment world and an amazing music show - this is what the audience can experience at one of the most spectacular concerts organised by Justinas Jaruitis.

D. Montvydas concert film

"Donatas Montvydas. 1987 Concert Film" - An incredible music show that invites you behind the scenes of the singer's life and reveals what you won't be able to see with any concert ticket. Rehearsals, preparations, stories and all that goes behind the scenes at concerts.

Ba.10. Concert film

The biggest Lithuanian rock concert of the 21st century. How 10 years of "ba." 10 years, how they prepared for the concert that shook Vingis Park and what was left behind the scenes: backstage, rehearsals and the everyday life of ba.