About us


We have more than 10 years of experience in the organisation of various events, public projects, biggest concerts in Lithuania, TV programmes, exclusive live broadcasts, as well as projects production and performers’ management.

ELITAZ Creative House is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in Lithuania that organises events and produces programmes, and works with the largest brands in the country, the world’s leading show-makers and the most prominent professionals in their fields.


The Creative House team is proud of a long-term partnership with TV3 television and major projects implemented together with this customer, in particular, “The Voice Kids”, “Fulfilment Campaigns” annually ending the holiday season, the 15th anniversary of TV3 television (2008), and the celebration of the 20th television anniversary (2013). The projects that probably fulfilled our creative ambitious most were the presentation of TV3 television season “Under a Lucky Star” in Vilnius Hill Park (2008), season live broadcast of “My TV3!” (2009), and TV3 season “My TV3 is Always with Me!” live broadcast from Vilnius Town Hall Square (2010). The latter work was awarded with the name of TV3 Year Project. We are excited about our other projects as well, such as the opening of the TV3 season “It’s Good Together” (2014) at the Litexpo Exhibition Hall and the opening of the TV3 autumn season in the Hill Park with SEL group concert (2015).

ELITAZ’s ability to quickly mobilize and maintain high quality standards was also illustrated during the homecoming of Lithuanian Men’s Basketball National Team awarded with the bronze medal in the world championship in Vilnius Town Hall Square (2010) and the Lithuanian Youth Basketball National Team in the summer of 2011. Its romantic spirit was revealed in TV3 concerts, such as the musical evening “Christmas Eve Sounds” which gathered the most beautiful Lithuanian voices at the table of brother Astijus and the charming TV3 Christmas event “Christmas Spirit Dwelling Concert” full of unexpected solutions (2010). The creative and professional team also organised a concert “Purple Night” (2011) which brought together thousands of viewers and prominent country performers at the Vilnius White Bridge. Guests from Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden also performed at the concert.

On 4 October 2013, we opened the new blue Tennis World Court at SEB Arena. In the same year, the ELITAZ team was entrusted to arrange the annual New Year’s Eve celebration “How a Nutcracker was Looking for Love” on LNK TV. The team also brings innovations to the cultural life of Lithuania – in 2014, ELITAZ hosted a festival “Vilnius is Shining” for the first time in Vilnius. Its programme included the lighting installations in the Bernardine Garden.

In April next year, we arranged the Dell Annual Gala Awards for the first time in history. The opening of the luxury car Porche salon and welcoming party (2015) were also the results of a creative team. In the same year, the Creative House contributed to the first national technical awards “TECH TOP” which were broadcast by LNK television. The event, which was a spectacular success, has become an annual event and will be held for the 4th time in 2018. ELITAZ is pleased with the long-term partnership and the event full of goodness – annual UNICEF Show “For Every Child” which was awarded as the Best Social Project 2017 in the Awards “Rays of Hope”.

Exceptional list of events also includes the artistic presentation of the Hotel Artagonist (2017) with an unexpected and unseen performance fiesta, an exciting “Moments Festival” during the presentation of the new Porsche Cayene (2018), intriguing and performance-rich presentation of the new Bentley Continental, as well as spectacular private enterprise events full of new experiences.

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